3.02 – Daddy’s back

Chapter tune: Lou Reed - A perfect day That Saturday, Raina hopped off the bed at seven o'clock in the morning. It was a bit unusual for her to wake up so early on her own, especially during the weekend. But this was the day her daddy was supposed to come back, so her excitement... Continue Reading →

3.01 – Childhood

Chapter tune: The Cranberries - Just my imagination While the sun was slowly setting, painting the sky its golden pink and violet hues, he finally emerged from the sea. As she watched him walking past the foamy waves lacing the shore, the calm ocean in the background perfectly reflecting the newly found serenity inside her,... Continue Reading →

2nd blogiversary!!

Hello!! 😀 What, three posts in a little more than a week? I guess I'm on fire! 😁 I'm sorry for the super spam these days, but I actually have a reason for at least this one: It's my second blogiversary today!! How time flies..! It still feels like yesterday when I started this blog,... Continue Reading →

2.26 – Ever after

Chapter tune: Journey - Faithfully Hey guys!! 😀 Welcome to the final chapter of my story's generation 2! I can't believe that I made it!! 🎉🎉 (Of course, to those of you who are way more ahead than I am, this may sound ridiculous, but believe me when I say that this gen has been... Continue Reading →

2.25 – A night to remember

Chapter tune: KISS - God gave rock 'n' roll to you The big moment had finally arrived. Even though the cheering voices that were echoing from outside, waiting for Fourdust's biggest concert, were a loud and clear indication of the countless people who had come to see them perform, Jesse and his bandmates were not... Continue Reading →

2.24 – The cost of freedom

Chapter tune: Brian May - Last horizon A/N: Hello!! 😀 ❤ Guys, I did it!! I finally managed to break my own record of chapter delay! Lol, let's see: three months and seventeen days. Awesome 😁 I still have no idea why this chapter took me so long to write, but I do know that... Continue Reading →

2.23 – Captive

Chapter tune: George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad to the bone Warning: Very harsh language, slut-shaming (kind of?) and too much violence - After his huge fight with Calla, Dylan, having been banned from sleeping in his own bedroom, decided to spend the night on the couch. He was not one to make a... Continue Reading →

2.22 – Break

Chapter tune: The Darkness - Love is only a feeling A/N: Hello! What, you thought you'd never hear from me again? Mwahaha, you won't get rid of me that easily! 😛 Soooo... I'm really sorry for being kinda M.I.A. this whole 1+ month... the truth is, I was feeling so uninspired and unmotived to deal... Continue Reading →

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