1.00 – Introduction

Meet Rose Briar:


Hopeless romantic

Natural cook


Family oriented


LTW: The culinary librarian


Favorite color: pink


Favorite music: french

Favorite food: crepes


Bio: Rose was raised at an orphanage in Twinbrook, with no clue about where she came from, except for a heart shaped necklace with her name on. When she turned 21, she learned that her parents had a fatal accident a little after she was born. The house they had built in Sunset Valley with hope to raise a new family was now hers. Will Rose make all her dreams come true in this new exciting town?

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  1. Hey~ Thanks for the follow πŸ™‚ It’s been said before, but your sim is realllllly pretty. One of my characters from my stories also grew up in an orphanage so I can relate^^ I look forward to checking out your story!
    – Amy

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