1.32 – The rise

Chapter tune: AC/DC – Back in black

Simon’s parties were always epic, so pretty much everyone in high school was expected to attend. That’s why Calla was in heaven that night. She finally got to make her appearance together with Eric, super popular jock and her one year long crush.

Jesse on the other hand, was not having the time of his life. Laura had announced him that they wouldn’t go together because, apparently, she was totally mad at him  for some reason. Maybe she’d come by later, but right now Jesse had to find a way to make this party more fun.

That’s when he spotted Ashley, Laura and Calla’s best friend of all people, dancing alone. He immediately took the chance to butt in.

“Nice moves you got there blondie”

“Umm… I think you know my name Jesse. And thank you, you’re not so bad yourself”

“You know Ashley, you’re very pretty tonight…”

“Thanks…” she replied a little awkwardly. The truth is she liked the feeling whenever a boy was showing interest in her, but in that case it was her best friend’s boyfriend. Even if he was kinda hot.

“Did I say I love your moves? I’d really like you to show me how you’re doing… well… that thing with your legs. But not in front of everyone… What do you say we go somewhere a little more quiet?”

It was at that line that he sensed a presence near him. His actual girlfriend’s to be exact, who had just decided to show up.

Without saying a word, she stormed out as abruptly as she had arrived.

“Baby, c’mon… don’t go! We were just dancing and messing around! I just want you!” Jesse shouted at her as she was leaving.

“You know what” Laura turned to face him “It’s another thing to flirt with random chicks in the classroom when I’m around – yeah, I’m not blind – but I never expected you’d hit on my best friend at a party!”

“What? I wasn’t hitting on her… I just wanted her to show me how to dance like she does!”

“Yeah, because everyone knows Ashley is suuuch a great dancer” Laura spat “Argh! You’re so lame. It’s over! Don’t you ever dare talk to me again!”

“Fuck” Jesse muttered as he saw Laura leaving. It wasn’t the first time he got himself in a mess like that, but he did have feelings for his girlfriend… sort of. She was the hottest girl in school. But it was late and he didn’t feel like chasing her around. Maybe tomorrow.

He felt Calla approaching him. “Well that went well” she said “Come on, time to go home”

“Sure, let’s go” he angrily replied.

“Hey, are you alright? Promise me you won’t brood over her again. I hate it when you’re brooding”

“I won’t. Wanna know why? Because I’ll get her back. I can bet you a twenty we’ll be together by Monday.”

“Sure. But why do you keep making those bets harder and harder? Not that I don’t love making money out of you” Calla joked.

“In case you haven’t noticed, my time is improving sis, that’s why. You’ll see” Jesse grinned.

Jared entered the house as quietly as he could, careful not to startle Philip, who was taking his usual nighttime nap in front of the tv.

He found Rose sleeping on their bed, dressed in his favorite nightgown, which was a sign that she had been waiting for him like this, until she couldn’t hold her eyes open any longer.

There was still time until the hour the kids were supposed to be home. He trailed his lips lovingly along her skin, but there was no reaction, as Rose was deeply asleep.

“Fuck… I’m so sorry baby. Until next time” he whispered as he brushed his hand against her – still – beautiful face.

At this thought, a fierce wave of guilt took over him. There could be no next time in the upcoming months. Mia gave him an exhausting schedule that, while guaranteed success, also meant that he would barely be home.

But most of all, he felt guilty because he actually loved spending time with his new publicist tonight. It was a breath of fresh air, to talk to a young attractive woman about anything but the house or the kids. And Mia certainly knew how to make him feel like the king of the world.

However, if there was one thing he was sure about, was that he loved his wife more than anything. There was no way he’d ever want to be with anyone else, to make love to anyone else. Even now, after all these years of marriage, Rose still was that gentle, sweet girl he met that night at the Red Rendezvous. And still so beautiful, Mia could not hold a candle to her. Then why did he suddenly feel alive after tonight’s encounter?

Get your shit together you moron, he thought to himself.

The next morning, he woke up earlier. Just in time before Rose was supposed to leave for the bakery.

“Good morning babe” he gently said “I’m sorry about yesterday, I…”

“Good morning honey” she cheerfully replied “It’s ok, I suppose you had a lot of work yesterday after all. Do you want some coffee?”

What the… she’s not mad? Well, that’s good.

“Sure baby, I’d love some. Well, we were kinda busy last night” he lied “but I should tell you, I had an interesting meeting too” He told her all about Mia – not mentioning of course how young and attractive she was. “She saw a picture of me from back in the day… and she wants me to change my hair like it was. She says it’s closer to the image we want to go for. Would you mind if I did that?”

“Well, it’s your hair” Rose smiled “I’d love you even if you were bald. Which I’m glad you’re not” she joked.

“The only thing I’m not crazy about is that schedule… but I know you gotta do what you gotta do. I’ll miss you so much though… I already do” she said with that sweet voice that still, until this day, made Jared weak on the knees.

“Fuck… Do you really have to go to work now? I’ll make time for you baby, I can promise you that”

Mia was, as promised, the best thing that could happen to Jared the moment he needed it. In just a couple of weeks she had managed to make him the talk of, not only Sunset Valley, but big cities like Bridgeport as well. 

Customers were lining up for a table and journalists were begging for an interview. Each week, at least one magazine had Jared’s face on its cover.

He was barely home but, fortunately, Rose seemed supportive and did not nag about it. Not that there was actually time for any real conversation.

A few months later, Mia organized a party at Jared’s restaurant. Journalists, photographs and all kinds of celebrities were to attend. Jared was pretty nervous so he went to the bar to get a drink before all the craziness would begin.

“Hello darling” Mia suddenly walked in. “Just wanted to make sure you’re not drunk before the party actually starts. Afterwards, we can get drunk together. Are you nervous?”

“A little” he replied. But her presence did not calm his nerves, quite the opposite. It wasn’t just the usual feelings of uneasiness and restlessness he got everytime she was around – especially when they were alone – but tonight she and Rose would meet for the first time. And if he knew his wife, it was certain that she would not be happy, as much as she’d try to hide it.

And now there she was, the one woman that drew his attention ever since he got married, sitting next to him with her short skirt and her seductive glances. He couldn’t take it.

“You’re right” he said while getting up “I shouldn’t drink right now. I’ll be outside. Besides, my wife is on her way here. She shouldn’t have to search for me”

“You do that, darling” she replied, almost indifferently.

While Jared was busy talking to a couple of guests, Rose arrived. Mia knew exactly who she was when she saw her and decided to greet her before anyone else.

“Darling!” she said, as if they’d known each other for years “You’re Rose, Jared’s wife, am I correct? I am Mia, his publicist. Jared has told me so much about you, it feels like I already know you!”

Rose was taken a bit aback at this sudden burst of affection. It’s not that she didn’t appreciate friendly behavior – she was quite a friendly person herself – it was just that it seemed a little too much. It was also that Jared had never described his publicist to look like… well, this.

“Nice to meet you” Rose replied “You’ve done a great job so far. Thank you for helping my husband.”

“Ah, it’s nothing. I love working with him, it’s like fate brought us together. May I say, I love your little bakery. It’s so cute and sweet, like a little cupcake” Mia said and something in her tone made Rose unsure if this was meant to be a compliment or an insult.

“Also, if I may add” Mia continued “I think you look really stunning…”

Rose smiled. “Oh, thank you”

“…for your age.”

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  1. Wow, I can’t with this ending!
    Jesse is such a player. But I can’t hate him; now that I write as Sam, I can stand anyone, really. I hope he will one day realize how hurtful his actions may be to other people.
    These magazine covers look splendid! You really did an amazing job here, Sempreviva. I adore them.
    Now about this Mia… She seemed so sugary sweet and I had a sinking feeling from the beginning that it was all acting/sarcasm. But hey, Rose doesn’t look very different to what she looked like back in the days? Don’t try to play with Jared, you fancy slut! Oh, sorry, I just couldn’t hold myself, she’s annoying me, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you can swear freely on this blog lol!! πŸ˜‚ She is a fancy slut. Rose has aged really well, the only thing different are those lines around her mouth (and maybe the fact that I use a cc full makeup on her?)
      Thank you!! I had so much fun making those covers (especially the first one)! πŸ˜€
      You’re right about Jesse, although he’s still a bit awkward about it, hehe..! Let’s hope he change his ways!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I’m having enough of it on mine. I told Cedric to try making some sense into Sam, but he couldn’t either πŸ˜‚ remember I was so surprised at how Maddie aged. She really looked older and it startled me.
        These extras are nice, but so time-consuming!
        Rose, show Sam as an example of a bad role model. Maybe they will make some good use out of his shitty ways, hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sigh… typical teenagers. I’m not quite sure what to think of Jesse yet, but he’s pretty cute, along with Calla!
    Nice work on the magazines! I don’t really like Jared looking again like his past bad boy self, though. I like the good family man much more- and I am glad he acknowledged how much he loves Rose. However, I can’t help but feel that something bad is going to happen that might just ruin their relationship…
    Shut up, Mia! Rose looks stunning no matter how old she is. Ugh, she’s so rude and that sarcasm was just… *shakes head*. It’s good that she’s getting publicity for Jared but I fear that the negatives could outweigh the positives.
    Great chapter 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re both even cuter as YA, which makes me so excited to start gen 2 now! πŸ˜„
      Thank you so much! I had so much fun making them, it’s ridiculous 😁
      Yeah, Jared sporting that old bad boy look is definitely not good… he does love Rose, but after all these years a man like him may feel a slight need to stray… Let’s hope nothing bad happens!
      And Mia…I feel like I despise her more than Molly. At least Molly had – in a sense – Jared stolen from her, while Mia is pure evil!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Agh, Jesse! Come on. I’ll admit, you’re cute, but you’re also kind of an idiot.

    Mia’s behavior is certainly off. Jared better behave himself- I don’t think Mia’s intentions are pure.

    Side note- Mia’s blind. Rose is still utterly gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, he’s kind of an idiot, you’re right! πŸ˜€ Let’s hope this will change in the future!
      Mia’s intentions are far from pure… but more about this on the next chapter πŸ˜‰
      And Rose is so much better than her, you’re right. Lol, blind..! 😁


  4. Haha well that ending came out of nowhere… Love what you did with the screenshots! Jesse appears to be even more of a bad boy than his father was XD He’s cute though, and so is Calla~ It’s cool to see Jared with his old hair back, and the magazine covers were awesome! Nice to see Jared have a firm stance as far as Mia is concerned, and she is tripping because Rose is still a bombshell. I wonder what exactly she plans to do – I hope she doesn’t cause a fight because Rose and Jared are in such a happy place right now… Great chapter πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you!! It literally came as I was going through my screenshots lol! Rose is like “Oh no she didn’t” lol! πŸ˜‚
      Jesse is not exactly a bad boy (well kinda, but nothing like his dad), he just gets himself in messes like that because of his flirty trait (Jared on the other hand was the inappropriate one)!
      You’re right about Rose, what on earth is Mia thinking! You’ll find more on the next chapter πŸ™‚
      Let’s hope she won’t cause *too* much trouble! πŸ€”

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Like father like son. Jesse reminds me so much of Jared when he was younger! They’re both players… Hopefully he improves later like Jared! But Jesse and Calla are very cute, can’t wait to see them all grown up! Ergh that Mia girl is definitely stirring up trouble between Jared and Rose! They’re so happy, I don’t want to see them arguing πŸ˜” And she is so rude towards Rose, Rose should’ve smacked her in the face, haha! But I know she’s too kind-hearted to do that…
    The magazines look so cool, but it brings bad memories of the days where he was a player… How can you get bored of your life with Rose, Jared. Don’t fall for the two-faced Mia!
    Awesome chapter ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! ❀
      Yep, they're both like that… although fortunately Jesse isn't mean or inappropriate so that's something 😁 Him and Calla very good looking as YA too!
      Ah, what's a story without some trouble? Lol! But you're right, Mia is bad news. Although I wouldn't worry so much about her as about Jared himself… but you'll see! πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh Jesse, seems that he’s inherited his dad’s lack of commitment skills from back in the day… The kids are super good looking! Rose + Jared = good genetics πŸ™‚ And gosh, Mia seems determined to get between them. I hope she doesn’t screw everything up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I think they both look good, that certainly was a relief, hehe! πŸ™‚
      Jesse makes too many messes due to his flirty nature, he’s kinda funny! It’s a good thing he’s not mean like his dad though..!
      About Mia… she’s definitely trouble! But like always, Jared is the one who’s his worst enemy… let’s hope he’s totally over his old ways!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jesse is still young , love affairs are never so easy for teenagers, everything turns into a dramas and they takes the story too much emotional.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s right! I think he’ll still mess up in the future (wouldn’t be interesting to read if he didn’t), but maybe he’ll get to be more suave and cool… because right now he’s a mess lol!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. hey he’s a teenager don’t be so hard with him ! looool. Personally I love to read drama as a plain ordinary life I am not too much picky as long as I understand.

            Liked by 1 person

  7. Jesse is quite a… rake. haha. He definitely has his parents’ looks (more Rose, than Jared, it seems), but he has Jared’s… genes? πŸ˜›

    Love the magazine covers!

    As far as Mia goes… Well, girl, congratulations! You’ve officially gotten on my nerves. Hurray for you! I’m curious about how Jared will react if Mia continues to throw shade at Rose and keep being mean. It’ll definitely say a lot about him which side he takes.

    I kind of just feel bad for Rose at this point. She kind of had to deal with a lot being with Jared, and I mean A LOT, and now, this girl is treating her this way. Bleh. I should probably try to cut whatever emotional investment I have with Rose at this point. I don’t want to be heart-broken just in case she gets a bad ending. Umph.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm… I think Jesse has gotten a little by both sides (it’s more obvious when he’s a ya), but personality wise… yeah, definitely Jared’s genes have prevailed lol! Although he’s not a meanie like his dad…!
      Thank you so much! I had such fun making them..!
      Mia is annoying af. She can play that game well so maybe Jared won’t know exactly what’s happening if Rose doesn’t speak up… ugh, men lol.
      Well, I can’t exactly say how everything is going to end, but I can say that there are two more chapters left! This time it’s final lol (as miss Riddle would say: I have the photos and everythin’)! I really hope you won’t be disappointed! πŸ™‚


      1. As long as it doesn’t end with Rose’s heart dashed in pieces, I won’t be disappointed. Haha! (Oh and I’m really hoping you don’t pull a Jowita and suddenly have someone get hit by lightning or a meteor. Unless it’s Mia. I can handle that. The rest… Ahh! My heart won’t be able to take it. I love your sims too much.)

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Oh my gosh, I can’t!! I fear I will spoil everything in case I try to reassure or prepare you for how things will end..!
          What I *can* say though is that no meteors or lightning will take place. Pull a Jowita lol! That was so funny, she has to read that! πŸ˜‚
          It means so much to read that you love those sims, thank you! ❀

          Liked by 3 people

  8. These teenagers! I know Rose raised Jesse better than that! I love the magazines you used, that was so creative! My favorite was the first one, but I want to know about this Nick Alto scandal. I’m glad that his business is better but the publicist needs to know her place! I feel like Rose is not afraid to snatch Mia’s wig off her head. lol, but seriously, if something does happen Rose can handle her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rose did the best she could, but you can’t beat those Jared genes lol!!
      Thank you so much!! ❀ The first one was my favorite too! (I might make them into posters and upload them at some point) I'd love to know about that scandal too, haha! I just wrote that because Nick Alto is said to have connections with the underworld, despite being in the business career. He might even have been Jared and Claire's real boss without them knowing it!
      Ugh… Mia. Rose was this close to putting her in her place, but maybe she's too good natured to fight her so early lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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