2.20 – Hello again

Chapter tune: Bon Jovi – Always

A couple of minutes had to pass before Jesse could be able to regain his speech. After two whole years, she was standing right there, in front of him. It was a strange, surreal moment, but his sudden headache and loudly pounding heart made it clear that he was not in some kind of weird dream state, but actually living all of it.

Skye must have been equally surprised as him, if not more, for she still hadn’t been able to utter a word.

“Skye…” Jesse finally mumbled “what the fuck… all this time you’ve been living here? In this… place?”

“W…what are you doing here? How did you find me?” she asked instead of replying.

For a second, there was nothing that Jesse wanted more than to take her into his arms and hold her as tight as he could, smell her hair, caress her skin and never let go again. But after that brief sentimental bit, a stronger moment of clarity hit him hard: he realized he got caught up in his recent burst of emotions so badly, that he failed to take into account that she had left him in the first place, without even a smidge of a decent explanation; and that he swore he’d do as she had asked – never look for her and eventually forget her. That moment, his swarm of feelings turned into just anger; not so much towards her, but mostly towards himself. 

“It’s a long story… But does it matter anyway?” he said coldly “Honestly, I didn’t really expect to find you… ever. But here you are. Nice to see you’re at least alive.”

But if he was cold, she was the Ice Queen herself. And it still hurt. “So… what? You searched for me just to make sure I’m still alive? Jesse, you have to go. You know, Travis will come here any minute now…” she muttered, and that name alone was enough to make Jesse start losing it.

“So you’re still with him.”

“Yes I am.”

“Yes you are…” he repeated, dangerously closing the gap between them and feeling his blood beginning to boil inside him “And you live with him, here. In this old fucking shack. He goes out every day chopping wood or whatever the hell he does, and he has you here gathering supplies and cleaning the house?”

“Something like that, yeah…”

“And every day you cook in those rusty old pots, and you eat on that greasy old table, and then every night… every night, he comes home like the man of that joke of a house, and you fuck on that dirty old bed? Is this your life now?”

Skye didn’t respond. Instead she hung her head, avoiding any form of eye-contact.

“…So help me understand something Skye” Jesse continued “because I sure as hell couldn’t do it with that sorry excuse of a letter you left me two years ago, and I still can’t: Is he a better fuck than I was?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me! You can’t love this guy Skye! How can you be with a guy who has you living like this? This is not you, I know you! Help me get what he has that I didn’t have, because I’m at a loss here! And it’s driving me fucking insane!”

“Jesse, whatever happened between us was two years ago. I thought you’d have moved on by now… I just… I still can’t believe you’re here… how did you find this place? And why? I thought I asked you to stay away from me!”

“Because… fuck, I thought I had moved on! But apparently I haven’t. And when Owen told me he saw you here… I don’t know. I just had to see you.”

“Owen saw me?” she asked with her eyes wide open. They regained their closed, furious form mere seconds later. “…Well it’s not my fault you haven’t moved on, Jesse! You shouldn’t have come! I’m perfectly fine here. You think you can just come into my house like that and insult me? You act like a crazy stalker, you know that?”

“I thought that… fuck… didn’t you hear our songs? Silence and a heartDecomposing abyss? I wrote those for you! It was my only way of feeling you close even though you broke my fucking heart!”

“I haven’t heard any of that.” she replied matter-of-factly, not a hint of emotion in her voice.

Seeing Skye dismiss him so strongly when all he wanted to do was make things go back to the way they were, hurt bad. But Calla’s words from two years ago had finally hit home. Something didn’t quite add up. It wasn’t Skye’s style to live like this. He realized he still didn’t know her like he thought he did, but at least he did know that much. Something was definitely off.

“I don’t buy it! I don’t buy any of it now that I see you at this state! I have eyes you know! I can see this fucking place and I can see you! You’re not fine Skye!”

“Yes!!” Skye screamed at him.

“Yes what?…”

“Yes, Travis is a better fuck than you are! Are you happy now? Are you satisfied?”

“Well fuck you!” He immediately regretted his words. “Why can’t you be honest with me for once? Don’t I at least deserve a real explanation why you left me like you did? Just tell me the goddamn truth!”

“That’s the truth! Now get out!”

“No” Jesse growled.

“Get out or I’m gonna call the police!”

“Do it! I’m not leaving until I see this guy! Maybe he’ll give me a better explanation than you did!”

“Well good luck with that! He hasn’t shown up in three weeks, so I don’t see how he would show up now!”

Jesse gave her a stunned look. He didn’t expect that answer. “That son of a bitch left you here?”

“That’s none of your business…” she replied, now more defeated than angry “Can you please just leave me alone? I’m so tired Jesse… of everything”

“Skye… please talk to me… what happened?”

“He came over once a week for supplies and stuff… but now… I don’t know. Maybe they got to him again… I wasn’t supposed to be outside but I needed some food… damn… my head hurts like hell…”

“Who got to him? Your step-father? So all this time it was true, you’ve been hiding from him? For fuck’s sake… Calla was right” he murmured that last part to himself.

“Jesse, please. Go away. If Sinbad got to Travis and he betrayed me again, then… I don’t have much time left. I don’t know where else to go or what else to do… I just know that you have to leave, please.”

“What do you mean he betrayed you again?”

“Nothing, just please go.”

“No” Jesse said “No way. You’re coming with me. The fact that you never thought I could protect you hurts like hell, but I’ll deal with it later. But please Skye, for once in your life just trust me and come with me!”

“No Jesse, you can’t hide from him, nobody can… I… I don’t feel so well…” 

Jesse noticed that Skye’s face had turned white and that her hands had a barely visible tremble. She started coughing and when he touched her to make sure she was alright, her skin was burning hot. She suddenly collapsed on the floor while Jesse tried to grab her as swiftly as possible.

“Skye! Baby… please talk to me!” he cried terrified “Shit… I can’t lose you now that I found you again! Fuck! Please open your eyes baby, it will be alright..!”

He soon realized with relief that she was breathing, but was burning up with fever. The hospital was a no-go, so he quickly decided he’d better take her to one of the band’s penthouse bedrooms, call a doctor and hope nobody notices.

And then… he would find a way to help her for good. He wasn’t sure how, but there had to be a way. For now, that meant ignoring her wishes and taking her home with him. As for later, well… he’d think of something. He was Jesse Frio after all. Up for anything.

PS: Well, that chapter is finally done! πŸŽ‰ It’s a bit on the short side, and I know I said I had begun working on it before I finished the last one – and that’s the truth lol – , but I gotta say, it was a tricky one; I’m not sure if I’m totally happy about it, but at least now we’ll get to the most interesting part? Hmmm I hope so, lol! The bad news is that I won’t be able to write another chapter now that the wedding and honeymoon etc etc are approaching! 😭 But right after all that (that is a little more than two weeks from now), I’ll definitely be back with more Jesse and Skye and the others, and the rest of this messed up gen! πŸ˜‰ I was hoping that by now we’d have moved on to gen 3 which will be a somewhat lighter, more carefree – but still dramatic – story than this one, but… life! 😁 I guess it will be some time until it’s little Alice’s (or Charlotte’s – haven’t exactly decided on the name yet, which is why I’m innocently putting those two out there, haha – if anyone’s up for an input) turn to shine! πŸ˜‰ Sorry about my rambling and thank you so much for reading! ❀ β€

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  1. A better fuck? Seriously, Jesse? Fucking really was his first thought as he got to Skye. That she was fucking another man. But y’know, Jesse, it could’ve been a woman πŸ˜‚ Just kidding, though it would be funny. Why is Skye sick? This style of living can’t do anyone any good, especially if she’s on her own now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha, this would have been funny! Although then Jesse would probably try and convince them both to sleep with him! πŸ˜‚
      He’s the jealous type this one!
      Skye is sick mainly because of her way of living, you’re right! Although I can promise you it’s not that bad!
      Thank you for your comment Jowita! πŸ™‚ Are you having a nice time in Russia?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope she’s okay. I thought she looked pretty bad. Malnourished and sick. I’m glad he pushed and wouldn’t leave without a straight answer. She finally started breaking down. Poor thing has probably just got the flu or something. I hope anyway. But yay that he found her. I bet Sinbad did find Travis. 😒 So it’s good Jesse took her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Skye will be fine eventually, that I can tell πŸ˜‰ This way of living was not good for her, poor girl! 😦
      Fortunately Jesse pushed her (in his usual, untactful way, lol) so they’re finally getting somewhere! πŸ™‚
      And hmm you may be right about Sinbad..! Which us exactly why it was for the best that Jesse took her, let’s hope she realizes that eventually! πŸ™‚ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The road will be rocky for awhile but they love each other so hopefully they will get there. But until Sinbad is β€˜dealt with’ I’m not sure she will ever feel safe. 😒

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Skye isn’t doing too well :/ poor thing. At least she’s with Jesse now and he can take care of her. I hope it’s nothing bad.
    Oh Jesse, you so weren’t over her. Like, seriously, so not over her. Hopefully they can sort it out from now on, once they’ve gotten rid of Sinbad. I’m excited for the next chapter ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poor Skye! I feel like I have brought every misery upon her, poor thing..! But now that Jesse found her, he can take care of her, that’s for sure!
      He soooo wasn’t over her! 😁 Let’s hope Sinbad is dealt with eventually, I’m seriously so sick of him already and he hasn’t even been properly in the story yet!
      I’m really excited to write the next chapter too (which will not be so gloomy for a change)! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If only your poor characters had Vittoria or Carlo – I’m sure they’d be happy to get rid of him for them, ha, ha πŸ˜€
        I’m looking forward to the next chapter, then ❀

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor Skye, obviously she’s having a rough time out there on her own! How long has she been without food? I’m glad Jesse decided to help her. They could definitely repair their relationship in my opinion. My heart just breaks for Skye πŸ˜₯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poor thing! 😦 She’s had those cans of food for a while and just some fruit and vegetables from outside, but that’s barely an acceptable diet… so pretty long without proper food!
      You’re right that they can repair their relationship eventually, let’s hope they will once Skye is finally safe! πŸ˜₯

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Travis isn’t a gentleman, letting his girlfriend in this waste and not feed well, he can’t love her I agree with Jesse for a time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, they never were boyfriend and girlfriend (he just wanted to help Skye in order to clear his concience and Skye lied to Jesse about him – but now that I read all of it, I can see how this could be confusing lol)!
      But you and I both agree with Jesse, that’s not a nice way to live! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed as an acquaintance or friend Travis could choose a better place for Skye, this is so clichΓ©, to let her in the forest.
        Skye just make Jesse angry to hide her feelings for him perhaps?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hmmm maybe Travis owned this place or something!
          Yes, that’s right – she thought if she pushed him away then she would protect him… but now he’s there to protect her instead! πŸ˜‰

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Uh-oh, me thinks Skye will be furious that Jesse took her out of the safety of her hidden run-down shack, even though it is for the sake of her health; she’s definitely not looking too hot. Aww, this whole chapter had me wanting them to kiss and make up, but of course, things can’t be that simple *sigh*… but the fact that Jesse himself acknowledged that he hasn’t moved on gives me hope and the fact that he’s starting to finally piece things together gives me more hope. Whilst I’m dying to know if Skye finally comes clean to him next chapter – hopefully in wherever Jesse decides to take her without getting caught – and if Travis chickened out again and sold her out, I hope you have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! Congrats again, it must be so exciting with it drawing near πŸ˜€ We are more than happy to wait patiently until you are able to post at your convenience ❀ Great chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmmm maybe initially she will be, you’re right! But she has to realize that she couldn’t possibly spend another minute there, so hopefully she will! πŸ˜‰
      I totally know how you feel, I wanted them to kiss and make up but it wouldn’t make much sense at this point, haha!
      Hmmm Travis… I can’t say much but the fact that he hasn’t shown up for so long does not look good! 😟
      Thank you so much!! ❀ ❀ It's very exciting (although I'm definitely gonna miss writing… oh well, it won't be for long πŸ˜‰)!
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❀

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  7. It looks like Jesse showed up just in time. If he had been later, who knows where Skye would be, and what kind of state she would be in. He is sort of her knight in tattoos and an ape shit t-shirt. LOL πŸ™‚
    I can’t lie: I have to tell you that I squealed when I read the part about your wedding and honeymoon. (I am such a hopeless romantic, I can’t help it ❀ ❀ ). I totally want to know details! Where is the wedding, where is the honeymoon? I am so excited for you!! ❀ ❀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yep, our knight in tattoo armor was just in time fortunately (although maybe that heated conversation didn’t do much to help the situation)! Let’s hope she’ll be okay..! Hehe, I love that apeshit tee (but I can’t remember where I even found it… 😭 must.keep.notes)!
      Thank you so much for your sweet words!! ❀ ❀ The wedding is here in Athens and since future husband and I are both such foodies, we decided to go to Bordeaux France for some wine (and food) tours, hehe! So much for the pre-wedding diet, lmao! πŸ˜‚ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, the conversation didn’t go well at all. But at least they are together. And with Skye in the penthouse she will have a much harder time escaping this time.
        Athens is a beautiful city, and I have no doubt that it will be a beautiful ceremony. Food & wine tours in Bordeaux sound romantic. ❀ ❀ I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh dear, that wasn’t the most tactical approach to confronting Skye, Jesse >___> I’m not surprised though. And I’m glad Jesse found her because Travis’s disappearance (that boy better not have betrayed her — but I hope Sinbad didn’t kill him or something) does not bode well and her illness could have gotten much worse. I really hope that Skye isn’t super sick and it’s just a fever, she is honestly living a terrible life right now 😦 I just want her to have a safe and happy life!
    Best wishes for the wedding and honeymoon, I’m with Socallucyfan — if you would like to share details, I would love to hear them ❀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yep, that’s Jesse for you! He realized that he pushed her too much though and he felt bad about it later… although in some aspect it’s good that he pushed past her cold facade..!
      Skye will get better, I can tell you that what she has isn’t super serious! πŸ˜‰ As for Travis, I can’t say anything right now… but answers will come soon-ish! πŸ˜€
      Ah, I just want Skye to be safe and happy too, although no-one would believe me probably – since I’ve thrown so much misery upon her! 😢 But I do, I swear!
      Thank you so much for your wishes!! ❀ ❀ The wedding will be a typical wedding here in Athens, but it's the honeymoon part I'm very excited about – it will be a week in Bordeaux France, along with a couple scheduled wine and food tours! πŸ˜€ (since we both are foodies and wine-lovers)
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! ❀

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  9. Oh dear, I hope Skye is okay! All this messiness and shortage of food is definitely not healthy for her wellbeing. I hope its just a fever and nothing serious… I’m still confused over her situation and why Jesse can’t help. Maybe it was explained and I just forgot or I’m just really stupid πŸ˜› Probably a bit of both, haha.
    Ooh, you’re having a wedding and honeymoon?! That’s wonderful, and I wish you all the happiness on those upcoming days ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Skye will eventually be okay, I can tell you that! πŸ˜‰ It’s not something super serious (mostly malnutrition and that messiness like you said) but she wouldn’t be fine without some proper care – so it’s for the best that Jesse found her and he’s taking her with him πŸ™‚
      Jesse can probably help, but Skye wanted him out of the way so that Sinbad wouldn’t hurt him… she was trying to protect him too! I think I wrote it at the very end of a chapter but it was really brief and so long ago that it’s perfectly understandable that you got confused! πŸ˜€ (also, I think I’ve messed up this gen a little, lol)!
      Thank you sooo much for your well wishes and your kind words! ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Jesse to the rescue! I really hope Skye will be all right. I think she’s going to be angry that he took her out of there but it was the only decision he could make considering the shape she was in. I want them back together soooo badly! lol

    I wish you all the best in your upcoming wedding and honeymoon. That is very exciting and I hope you will have many happy years together. ❀ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Skye will be alright, at least for now πŸ™‚ She might get a bit angry later, but nothing Jesse can’t handle, haha! πŸ˜‰ (I want them together already so bad too, haha..!)
      Thank you sooo much for your sweet and kind wishes! ❀ ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I understand Jesse not liking the thought of anyone else being with Skye, but he really just asked who’s the better fuck?! It is not about that! But he did finally realize how right Calla was. I do have hope for him, and it’s clear that Skye still cares for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaah, I never got the notification for this comment! I’m so sorry..! Jesse is inexcusable for reacting like this – but at least he got Skye to talk which is what was needed eventually… let’s hope they’ll be in a good place soon..!
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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