Rose Briar download

Hello!! 🙂 I wanted to thank everyone for sticking with my first story, "Smoke 'n' Roses" all this time, so I have a special download for you! My favorite sim, Rose Briar ❤ If you want to use her in a story or change her name etc, feel free to do so. I'd love to... Continue Reading →

1.34 – Finale

Chapter tune: Meat Loaf - For crying out loud Bitter. Angry. Resentful. ...Broken. This would be him from now on. This would be life without her. The only person who could possibly understand, would now be sinking into his own dark pit of insanity; the one she had rescued him from. But this time there would... Continue Reading →

1.33 – The fall

Chapter tune: Cinderella - Don't know what you got (till it's gone) A/N: Hello! 🙂 So... this is the penultimate chapter of generation 1 (This time I promise lol)! It's a little longer than the others... sorry about that! Also, I'm really sorry this chapter took longer than usual to post, I never seemed to... Continue Reading →

1.32 – The rise

Chapter tune: AC/DC - Back in black Simon's parties were always epic, so pretty much everyone in high school was expected to attend. That's why Calla was in heaven that night. She finally got to make her appearance together with Eric, super popular jock and her one year long crush. Jesse on the other hand,... Continue Reading →

1.31 – Only one star is better

Chapter tune: Casanova - Ticket to the moon "Hey, Ashley, can you pass me that lipstick? Yeah, that one." Calla said while admiring herself in the mirror - one of her favorite hobbies lately. "I can't believe Eric asked me to go to Simon's party together, this is freaking huge!" she squealed, not being able to... Continue Reading →

1.30 – Growing up

Chapter tune: Queen - Made in heaven "Shit!!" "What did you say young man?" "Nothing..." "Oh, don't get cute with me Jesse, I heard you. Don't you know this is a bad word?" "But mooom... dad said it first!"   "What? Jared..!" "Sorry babe, it's just that this sink is a total b... it's so hard... Continue Reading →

1.29 – La vie en rose

Chapter tune: Journey - Open arms A year later: "No... What are you doing man? Are you fucking insane?! My hair man, it's fucking gone!" "Relax bro, it's not gone, just... trimmed. Well it was time you got a new haircut. Now for a nice clean shave..." Xander declared. "Leave my face alone" Jared growled... Continue Reading →

Extra – Toddler time!

Hello! 🙂 I'm now in the process of taking pictures for the next chapter (almost done), but it's been difficult finding a place for the toddlers to appear anywhere (the fact that my inner control freak has emerged just in time for the most chaotic event in the sims - weddings - hasn't exactly helped).... Continue Reading →

1.28 – Marriage… and stuff

Chapter tune: Warrant - Heaven Connor carefully stepped into the kitchen where Jared had been hiding for the last couple of minutes. "Sorry for smoking in here" Jared said "I, uh, didn't even realize where I was until I'd lit it. And I wanna call myself a fucking chef." "You are a chef brother. It's... Continue Reading →

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