Please note that my blog may contain themes that are on the more mature side (smoking, alcohol, makeout sessions lol), but nothing too explicit or provocative of course. Also, if my sims feel like swearing a little bit (again, nothing too much I hope), I’m not going to stop them! 😀 Thanks for understanding! 🙂

Also note that I don’t claim any of the CC shown here to be mine (actually I’m quite lousy at creating stuff for the Sims lol).

Special thanks to:

Nraas community for their wonderful mods – they are not shown here of course, but they’ve helped so much with setting up many aspects of the story – , Sandy from Aroundthesims3 for a great deal of wonderful CC, Navetsea for the great Natural default skin that I use for many years now, The Empty attics (youtube channel) for the Madeleine cottage (Rose’s home in the story) and the beautiful italian restaurant, SimSophia (another youtube channel) for the lovely bakery, and so many more whose clothes, hair, makeup, clutter and poses I’ve used.

I’ll update regularly this section in order to include everyone whose content I’ve used. If I forget someone, please don’t hesitate to remind me so I can mention them!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this 🙂 ❤

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