2.17 – Crashing down

Chapter tune: Thunder - Broken A/N: Huzzaah!! Another chapter so soon you ask?! That's right, I guess I'm on a roll these days! 😀 Aaaaand that's all I wanted to say, but I got excited for finishing it so soon, lol! 😄 Also, this chapter is kind of long, sorry! Thank you for reading! ❤... Continue Reading →

2.16 – All a lie

Chapter tune: Thunder - Don't wait for me A/N: Hello! 😀 Yep, it's me, I've returned from the shadows and I bring you a whole new story update! I know it's super late and that I've been very unproductive these past weeks, but please don't hate me! 😭 Sooo *ahem* Skye's backstory is over and... Continue Reading →

2.13 – Bad news

Chapter tune: Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak Spring had come in full bloom when the day Skye would meet Jesse's parents finally arrived. She was feeling more and more anxious as the moment was getting closer, but of course she wouldn't show it. "I never thought you'd own such a girly top baby" Jesse smirked when... Continue Reading →

2.12 – Things left unsaid

Chapter tune: Pretenders - I'll stand by you A/N: Hello!! Wow, I think this is the longest I've waited to publish a chapter... I'm so sorry about that! Last week I was sick so I couldn't stare at my laptop screen for more than 10 minutes, and this week... well, whenever I had a little free... Continue Reading →

2.06 – Strictly friends

Chapter tune: AC/DC - You shook me all night long Warning: Profanity "Fuuuck.... that was amazing" Jesse groaned while taking a drag on his cigarette. Skye didn't respond, as the combination of her sickness and what just taken place exhausted her, but caressed Jesse with her foot as a sign of approval. Jesse truly meant... Continue Reading →

2.05 – All in

Chapter tune: Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love "This poker thing is hard... I have no idea what to do! Do I raise? Do I call?" Skye asked, looking confused. "Well, for starters, do not ask your opponent for help, that is always a bad idea" Jesse smiled. "But you said you'd... you know what, forget... Continue Reading →

2.04 – Kind of a date

Chapter tune: Queen - You and I It was an unusually warm, winter Saturday afternoon. Owen had gone to his parents' house back in Riverview to visit; so the band would not practice or perform that weekend. Jesse decided to go alone in the park and play for tips, as he sometimes used to do.... Continue Reading →

2.03 – Truce

Chapter tune: Whitesnake - Still of the night Warning: Some swear words "Gee man, I can't believe you invited Skye tonight without telling me. Thanks a lot" Jesse groaned - his irritation was aimed mainly towards Owen who actually invited her. That night was the twins' birthday, so the boys - and Vito - where heading to... Continue Reading →

2.02 – The new girl

Chapter tune: Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me The day came that the band would meet their potential new singer for the first time at Tony's dive bar, maybe play a couple of songs with her to see how they fit. As always, Jesse was late again. This fact, along with his love for... Continue Reading →

2.01 – The Lone Wolves

Chapter tune: Quiet Riot - Cum on feel the noize Warning: Some profanity "Jesse!!" Calla yelled impatiently while knocking on her brother's bedroom door. They had both recently moved out of their parents house and lived together in an apartment near the town center. Since they were so different, they had agreed that this situation would be... Continue Reading →

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