2.08 – Good old Jesse

Chapter tune: Aerosmith – Angel

A little after the sun had fully risen, Jesse dragged his body out of the room and into the hotel breakfast area. He hadn’t had a minute of sleep, and it didn’t look like he would any time soon. It was pretty early, so he figured that everyone else would have slept in; quite convenient for him, as he still wanted to be left alone.

Arriving at the dining room however, he spotted Dylan preparing his morning coffee.

“Hey man. You’re an early bird today, what happened? We usually have to practically scream at your bed covers to get your sorry ass out of there” Jesse teased him.

“Look who’s talking!” Dylan flashed a weak smile.

After raiding the buffet, they sat together at one of the tables.

“Whoa, what’s all this man? Are you going to eat all that by yourself? ” Jesse exclaimed.

“What..? I gotta gain my strength back, plus it’s free food dude!”

“Sounds to me like you had some crazy night.”

“Well, it was interesting… and weird. Definitely weird”

“Good weird or bad weird?”

“Pah, don’t ask man. I just wanna forget the whole thing. I had to pretend I had to catch an early flight to Hidden Springs to get rid of that chick.”

“That bad, huh?” Jesse said, feeling, in a way, better for the fact that someone else had an equally unpleasant night – and feeling a little guilty about it too.

“You know, this whole one-night-stand shit is really starting to wear me out dude” Dylan continued “From now on, I’ll stick to only waiting for the real thing” he said and his mind went straight to Calla.

“Suit yourself man – although I’m not sure I believe it, it’s just the crazy chick effect that’s got you talking right now. I know I’m not getting tired of that anytime soon” Jesse blatantly lied, while extending his arms in a stretch and yawning widely “That girl Alex from last night was hot, I barely slept.”

At that moment, they both heard voices and laughter coming from the corridor. Apparently Owen and Skye woke up pretty early that morning too.

Jesse felt his heart melt as soon as he set his eyes on her, but he realized it bothered him to see her so friendly with someone else.

“Man, what happened last night?” Owen asked Jesse “we heard yelling from your room, and then the door banged. What did you do to that girl?”

What the fuck…, Jesse thought. His room is not that close to mine, was she really that loud? Nah, that can’t be it. Where the hell did he hear me from..?

“Well, it still wasn’t as loud as your snoring! Next time I’m gonna stick a ball or something on your back before you sleep” Skye joked, unintentionally answering both of Jesse’s questions.

Jesse felt all of his blood rushing up to his head and his whole face go numb.

“You… you two slept in the same room?”

“May I remind you that all three of you, including Vito, left me with no place to spend the night. Skye was kind enough to invite me over. But we had the best time, so it really was a good thing”

“We did have a great time!” Skye agreed cheerfully “There was ‘The mold that moved’ on the tv, and we both discovered we had a thing for old bad sci-fi movies. Seriously, this one is so bad, it’s actually awesome!”

“Right, like you would invite a guy to sleep in your room and the only thing you’d do would be to watch a movie… I don’t buy it” Jesse said sarcastically. He was feeling so jealous from the moment he saw them together, and this was a poor attempt from his part to know the truth about her feelings towards Owen. He felt so mad, that he didn’t even realized he’d taken this too far.

Skye froze. For the few months Jesse knew her, she always had a response for everything. Not this time though. She just glared at him for a couple of seconds that felt like eternity.

She woke up from her seat. “You know, suddenly I’m not that hungry. I think I’ll go back to my room. See you later” she turned to Owen and rushed upstairs.

“What the fuck man” Dylan muttered as soon as Skye left “I thought you two were cool now… what was that?”

Owen, on the other hand, was furious. “Are you kidding me? Just because you can’t keep it in your pants, you think everyone is the same? Why did you have to insult her like that man?”

But Jesse wouldn’t listen to anyone, especially Owen, he was feeling too jealous and mad for that now. Instead, he mumbled a weak ‘I forgot my cell in my room… and I need a cigarette’, and left the table too.


He spotted Skye, searching for her key, clearly very upset. He went closer. No, I won’t let you get inside yet. I’m not gonna let it go until I have my answer, he thought. His own personal green little monster had settled inside his mind for good and wasn’t prepared to let it go anytime soon.

“So… Owen” he said bitterly “I would never see that coming. How was he?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“What? We’re friends, right? So I’m asking you, as a friend, if you had a good time with Owen last night.”

Skye noticed that Jesse’s eyes were glimmering in a weird way. She knew this conversation was about to turn ugly really fast. She threw a knife-like glance at him, while opening the door to her room. “Inside. NOW.”

“First of all, I don’t think friends insult each other like you just did. What is your problem Jesse, why are you being like this?” she asked sadly as soon as they entered the room. Again, she seemed surprisingly very far from her usual hot-headed self.

“Do you like Owen? Is that it? Is that why you didn’t wanna tell the others that we fucked?” he exploded, completely ignoring her question.

Although a little late this time, Skye felt her cheeks turning crimson with anger. “Ok, first of all it’s none of your business who I like or not. I’m not your property! And second, don’t say it like that… I hate it”

“What? Fucked? But isn’t that what we did?”

“It wasn’t like this, you know it wasn’t!”

“Then why are you acting like it was?”

“Jesse, what the hell? Are you like this with every girl you sleep with? If I remember right, there’s at least one girl more recent than me! So why don’t you go bug her!”


Jesse hesitated a bit remembering Alex. Who was he to judge her, when last night he had another girl in his room? But he couldn’t stand the fact that she might have had her fun with Owen – or anyone for that matter – while he was feeling miserable without her.

“Nothing happened with her Skye… She… she left early. And even if something had happened, it wouldn’t mean anything. It never did, with anyone else… except you”

“Oh, that’s really sweet of you” she said sarcastically.

“Well, what do you want me to say, huh? I thought that maybe another woman could make me stop feeling this way about us… but she didn’t! And I have no fucking clue why..!”

Jesse was feeling surprised by his reaction. Even he couldn’t understand his newly emerged emotions, let alone handle them. Skye saw the hurt on his face and softened her expression.

“Okay, I should probably not be telling you this – for the record, I don’t have to – but nothing happened with Owen and me. We’re just friends.”

“Yeah… just like you and I are also friends?”

“Come on Jesse, we agreed about this…”

“No, we didn’t agree, you decided what would happen, all by yourself!”

“I think I can make a decision like that, I won’t ask for your approval!”


“…What? What the hell is your problem Jesse?”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean for things to escalate like that… I think I’m starting to have feelings for you and… I don’t know… it’s driving me fucking insane!”

Skye didn’t speak, only for Jesse to take it as a sign that she was close to hopefully changing her mind.

“He must be such an asshole by the way, I’m sure of it…” he muttered.


“Whoever it was that broke your heart”

Skye’s expression changed again. “So we spend one night together and then suddenly you think you know all about my life? Or was that another one of your lines?”

“What..? No, I…”

“This is all too much. I thought we were friends, yet all we seem to talk about lately is why I won’t sleep with you again! And now everytime we’re in the same room together I have to wonder if you’re gonna be nice or cruel to me… it’s exhausting! I swear, it’s like I can’t breathe anymore with you Jesse! Why should I care about your feelings when you don’t seem to give a damn about mine? Just leave me alone, please!”


“No. Nothing more. We’re done having this conversation. Get out now.”

Jesse left the room. He knew those walls she had put up once again, weren’t going to tear themselves down anytime soon. There was no point in trying to reason with her, not after he had sounded so unreasonable.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, with the band preparing and performing at another one of Bridgeport bars. Skye didn’t even look towards Jesse’s direction, but everyone assumed it was because of his morning comment. As soon as the show ended, Jesse mumbled an excuse and went back to the hotel bar. At least there he could be almost alone, with only the bartender and his loneliness to keep him company.

When he felt sufficiently drunk, he returned to his room. A little later, he heard voices outside his room; Skye and the guys had returned. Listening closely, he deduced that she would stay alone tonight. At least there was a relief in that. But for the first time that day, he saw things more clearly – which was a little ironic, considering he had desperately tried to cloud his mind with a pretty significant amount of booze.

What the fuck is wrong with me… that’s not who I am. She was right to get mad, I mean… who would want to be with a clingy, needy, pathetic asshole like me? Fuck Skye… I’m so sorry. She looked so sad these past days, she obviously needed a friend, and I treat her like this..? I should have kept things simple, like she wanted. Shit… but I’m so in love with her, I can’t take it. No… she needs simple, I gotta give her just that…


He went outside and knocked on her door. “Who is it?” he heard her voice responding from the other side.

“It’s me Skye… I wanna talk.”

“I don’t wanna talk to you, go away!!” she yelled.

“C’mon Skye, please open the door! I want to apologize about before… it won’t take long, I promise. I really need to talk to you…”


He heard her footsteps coming closer, and soon, the sound of her key unlocking the door.

Jesse was surprised to see the makeup smudges around her very red eyes, a sign that she had been crying. Shit… did I do that to her?

“Once again, you won’t leave it until you have it your way. What do you want?” she said abruptly, her voice had the tiniest hint of tremble in it.


Skye left the door open and sat on the couch. Jesse kneeled in front of her. Like all men, he didn’t really know how to react in front of a crying woman, but decided that he’d give it his best shot at trying to comfort her.

“Hey…” he said gently “please don’t cry baby… shit, I mean Skye… I am so sorry about today… I never meant to hurt your feelings…”

“You were an asshole today, you know that, right? Just like when we first met” she whispered.

“I know… I got so jealous that I didn’t even know what I was saying… I can’t promise I’ll stop feeling this way, but I’ll try hard to stop acting on it. That I can promise… from now on I’ll be a friend to you, no more trying for anything more, I swear… fuck, Skye… I’m so sorry, I never meant to make you cry…”


“But I wasn’t crying for you” she replied hastily “it’s just… this place is holding some bad memories for me… I didn’t think it would bother me so much, but it did”

“What, the hotel? Or Bridgeport?”

“Both…” she sobbed and tears started flowing down her cheeks, although it was obvious she was trying very hard to keep them inside.


“Hey… it’s okay” he said gently “wanna talk about it?”

“I’d rather not, not now at least…”


Jesse stayed silent for a while, thinking what he could possibly say or do to make her feel better. He got some ideas, but he figured she’d probably reject them anyway.

“Look” he finally said “Bridgeport doesn’t have to be just bad memories for you… I mean, we’re here. We can make new ones. Tell you what, how about we all take you out tomorrow after the show? I know some cool places we can hang out, and I can promise you, you’ll see this city in a different light. What do you say?”

“Okay… yeah, let’s try it.” she said reluctantly. After a short awkward silence, she smiled and brushed his arm with the tips of her fingers, like she hesitated to say or do more. She eventually leaned in and hugged him. “Thank you” she whispered.


Fuck… she smells so nice, he thought. I’d better leave before I make things messy again…

But it was too late. Skye’s lips had already found their way on Jesse’s neck, tracing a path upwards.

“Skye…” he sighed, not being able to stop her “this isn’t ‘just friends’… what are you doing?”

“I know…” she replied, leaving his question – verbally – unanswered.

If there was a simple way of ending their conversation, what happened what as far from it as possible.


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  1. First, I love the name of the movie! haha I love coming up with names for things. lol

    Second… I’m glad Jesse realized his feelings for Skye and was able to figure a few things out. It’s good this happened before he totally drove her away. I wonder why Skye feels the way she does about Bridgeport and the hotel? I’m looking forward to finding out!

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    1. Hehe, I love it too! 😁 ❤ Though to be fair, I didn't come up with it, EA did lol! I searched in the wiki about the theater movies and there it was. But thank you for agreeing with my choice!! ❤
      Yep, Jesse did figure some things out and then Skye goes and mixes them for my poor boy again, lol!
      You'll find out soon about Skye, in about 2-3 chapters – I think lol! There are some things that need to happen first! 😉 ❤

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        1. I think I’ve read almost everything from there! I love reading about the premades 🙂
          At first I had my game in greek, but it really bothered my ocd that some mods were in english so I changed it eventually, lol!
          If you’re interested, I had found a program at the time, that changes it without having to reinstall the game and all the ep’s from scratch! 🙂

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          1. Me too! Simswikia is soo interesting!
            Mine is still in Polish. This version of MC and the translation is so trashy, I cringe and laugh at the same time. And all tutorials are in English anyway. Ugh!
            Yes, I heard about this one. Maybe I’ll eventually get to it, who knows. I just got too used to the Polish one and I wonder if it’d be weird, haha.

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            1. Maybe it will be at first, but it’s sooo worth it eventually! After the 1.69 patch my game turned to the greek language, and I immediately changed it back. It didn’t help that the greek *official* translation was a mess, lmao!

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                  1. I don’t know what it is with game translations in Danish but they’re just universally horrible. I don’t even know why we suck so bad 😛 I wouldn’t play in Danish if they paid me XD

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                    1. Polish translation isn’t even that bad, it makes sense gramatically and stuff, but we have a real disaster with surnames. For example a Sim called Lotta Greaves, whose surname was most likely a play on “lots of graves” is called Lotta Knee in a Polish version. Then we have the Goth family, which is called Ćwir, which is the sound of birds’ chirping. Caliente sisters are called Kaliente and Don Lothario called Don Lotario. Not to mention the ridiculous urge to translate some names to Polish, leaving the surname or even translate the whole names and surnames to Polish (probably the whole TS2 is translated this way), which is just confusing.
                      I remember wondering for ages about some phrase that’s written in a pop up when you learn logic and I’ve recently realized that “mind over matter” was translated literally and we don’t have it in Polish.
                      The list goes on and on…

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                    2. I had a totally different problem in greek: while they hadn’t touched the names (I guess due to the whole different alphabet thing), they kept translating some second person phrases in ‘majestic plural’ (I’m not sure it makes sense – and I have no idea how to say this in english, because modern english doesn’t have that)! It was really frustrating, every sim kept talking to their friends or family members like they were the president or something! 😂

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                    3. By the way, how does it work with your keyboard? What alphabet do you have there and what about the buttons on your computer? Is it confusing? Oh goodness, that sounds weird. You know, besides the names, our translation is good, I think.

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                    4. Oh, every pc here has both greek and english alphabets installed. 🙂 You have to hold alt&shift together and it changes to the other. It’s no big deal really, everyone here is pretty much used to doing this!
                      Though it can lead to some funny results if you use the wrong alphabet by mistake, lol!
                      There was a trend some years ago (mostly when chatting) where many people were typing greek words with english characters – that was called “greeklish” lmao! Fortunately it’s not so common now 🙂

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                    5. OH MAN. So that’s why I sometimes end up accidentally changing language on my keyboard!! And sometimes I end up with the Greek alphabet because I used to study ancient Greek. I had no idea what keyboard shortcut it was I used XD I guess I learnt something today.

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                    6. Wow, you used to study ancient greek? That’s pretty impressive! 😀 I never really warmed up to it but I have to admit it’s beneficial in order to make correct use of the modern greek language. Did you like it?

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                    7. I did, yeah 🙂 I really liked it – I studied Latin at the same time and I much preferred the Greek. The definitive article is underrated! 😀 It’s a great language with awesome literature. I use it all the time for names and invented languages for stories. My only option for a job in it was just teaching and I’m not cut out for that, so I dropped out 😛

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                    8. My “favourite” mistranslation from ts2 was when you ‘play catch’ it was translated to the Danish words for ‘play tag’. I was massively confused for a long time when I’d make my Sims ‘play tag’ and they’d start throwing a ball around. It’s not even a direct translation – it’s just a stupid one -_-

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        2. Got my game in French I got everything translated in French (except some foods mods I did myself) and as non English speaker/gamer I have to check for translating in simswikia and others English gameplay helps too for searching for translations. However I am very sick of seeing plenty of grammatical mistakes in the MC in French I would love to correct these.
          I can’t play in English really I don’t master it. I am more confortable to play in my language.
          💖 so I admire every non English speakers who plays in English. bravo !!

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            1. Every custom foods needs first to download the CCloader by DouglasVeiga http://modthesims.info/t/546986
              then the list of food creator at mts3 it’s given by igazor in the official forum (link clickable without registration) in reply 2
              Aroundthesims3 , OneBillionsPixels and has got small edible food as pasteries,cakes,nuggets,hamburgers
              before getting them don’t forgot to download this mod by Nona’s sims :https://nonasims.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/already-edited-objk-resources-for-custom-food/
              she also listed some small food I told you above with clikable links.

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              1. Aaah yes, I do have those mods – they’re awesome by the way – but I thought you had made your own food mods so that’s why I asked!
                Thank you so much though for taking the time to share those links! ❤ I will definitely have a look at them in case I've missed something, which is very possible 😉

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                1. Halas I am not a modder, all I know is making sims and recolours of objects sadly.
                  with s3se you can translate strings from existing mods. However I noticed cabbage might overrides too much so no more variety of fruits as before for cooking pancakes, crumble fruits and more except cabbage. Very odd !


  2. Oh. My god.
    That was not what I expected!
    I feel like Skye is now using sex with Jesse as a way to escape her thoughts and feel better. Apparently, it wasn’t only him “having some ideas” about cheering her up.
    Jesse was so jealous, he might have as well turned green! That was quite hilarious to watch him like that.
    Seems like their chemistry may be too strong for their own good and they act like magnets wanting to unite around each other. It isn’t going to lead them anywhere if they end up having sex each time they find each other alone in the same room.

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    1. Hmmm, you might be just right about that! I won’t deny though that she might have feelings for Jesse herself, although something always holds her back. You’ll find out retty soon about her!
      Haha, I loved writing jealous Jesse! He’s behaving like a child, just because he can’t understand both his feelings and Skye’s!
      They do have this strong chemistry between them, but maybe this time they’ll draw some different conclusions after… maybe! 😉

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  3. As much as I like seeing Jesse and Skye together, the fact that she’s giving him mixed signals kind of rubs me the wrong way. I get that she has her own backstory, and I’m glad she’s beginning to open up a bit so we can learn exactly what it is, but it’s not fair to Jesse that she lets him close and then regrets it or changes her mind later… I hope she doesn’t do that again. Speaking of Jesse, in this chapter he was really impressive in my eyes. I loved his outburst, totally expected it, lol, but he really tried to show change at the end there and I’m glad he finally came to terms with his feelings. I’m looking forward to their date tomorrow and I wonder if they are going escalate what was starting at the end there or put a halt to it~ but since the band and Vito are all so close together, I have a feeling it’ll be hard to keep what’s going on between them under wraps… Great chapter! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤
      Yep, she does have a tendency to run away or change her mind, but let's hope that this won't be the case now..! Maybe she's afraid of her own feelings for some reason, or what will happen in the future. But Jesse has a right to know what's going on!
      I'm glad you liked him in this chapter! He's not really a bad kid after all, lol!
      I wish it were a real date, but Jesse knows it won't be easy to sneak out without the others noticing. They'll all go out together but maybe Jesse will find a way for them to be alone for a while 😉 *If* they're on good terms until then, lol!

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  4. I gotta admit I was cheering on Skye as she put Jesse in his place! She said exactly what I was thinking! He’s such a dumbass. But I was pleasantly surprised when he tried his best to apologise genuinely, he finally seems to be showing some maturity. Same goes for Dylan, if he’s quitting one night stands to focus more on Calla. You’re growing up, boys!
    I raised my eyebrows at Skye at the end though. It looks like she’s using him as sort of a distraction, from her feelings… I don’t like Jesse but that isn’t fair to him. I wonder what horrible thing happened to her at Bridgeport.
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤
      Yep, my boys are growing up, lol!! 😄 Although Dylan focusing on Calla..hmm… I hope he's not going to pull any of his previous stunts with her again..! 😂
      Maybe Skye isn't exactly using him as a distraction, maybe she got emotional and finally couldn't deny her own feelings for him… her feelings will be made clearer in the next chapter though 😉 But it's not fair for Jesse to be kept in the dark, you're right!

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  5. Uh-oh – they just can’t stay away from each other 😛 This was one case where Jesse maaaaybe should have said no, though. Skye’s not really in a good place… Not that I think he’d consider that *shrug* Oh well, they’re still cute 🙂

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    1. Hehe, that’s right! Jesse can’t resist her… but maybe he will eventually, maybe this won’t end like the previous time… although we’re talking about Jesse! 😁 But Skye’s definitely not in a good place right now! You’ll learn more about her soon! 😉

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  6. I loved the name of the movie Skye and Owen watched. I could tell from the title that it would be so cheesy.
    I’m glad that Jesse opened up about his feelings, but he has been a jerk for so long that Skye didn’t take him seriously.
    I am curious to know more about Skye’s past and why Bridgeport is so painful for her.

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    1. Hahaha, when I saw the title on the sims wiki, I knew that would be it! Like the Terminator or something, lol!!
      Skye will soon bd ready to share more things about her past with Jesse (and honestly, I can’t wait to get to those chapters)!
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❤

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  7. Jealousy rears its ugly head at last. Well, I’m glad Jesse realized he truly has feelings for Skye, but he can’t keep upsetting her and apologizing like this if they want to work out. I think he needs to control his temper more often lol. I wonder what memories Skye has with this place…… It can’t be good, poor girl 😦

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  8. I loved this chapter. Jesse said how he really feels. ❤️❤️ I hope he can help Skyegrtover what ever it was that happened. They are do seeet together.

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  9. Aah Jesse, that wasn’t the best situation to confess your feelings for her, but I guess he couldn’t stop himself when it became heated. I completely agree with Owen’s statement after she stormed off. It was very rude of Jesse. I also agreed with Skye’s outburst, but she forgave him pretty quickly. I wonder what happened to her in Bridgeport… Can’t wait to find out! It was also really refreshing to see Jesse try to cheer her up, as he acted so mature about it, and I’m glad that Dylan decided to stop with the one night stands.
    Great chapter!

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤
      Jesse can be very rude indeed, fortunately he stepped up fast… but maybe it wasn't the best timing, lol! Or maybe it was 😉 Skye forgave him quickly, you're right… maybe she does feel something for him too after all! 🙂
      What happened to her is not good indeed… I can't wait to post the chapters about her story! 🙂

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  10. Opposite attracts this chapter is a good example
    Jesse in love is an extravert, Skye in love is an introvert.🤣
    I know I can’t help myself with stupid comments ahaha.

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    1. Haha, not at all!! It’s true, they’re very different at this aspect. But I guess they’re very similar too at others (they’re both kinda strong willed at times)..! You could say they’re basically opposites though! 🙂

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  11. Aaawws maaaaaan… All caught up 😭😭😭 I really need to start only reading finished stories lol I’m so glad I found this one though. Not only do I get to read an amazing story virtually from the ground up, but I also got an update on an internet friend I hadn’t heard from in ages. Thanks 😁

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    1. Oh wow, thank you so much!! ❤ I am so happy you like my story, your comment has made my day! 😀 Right now I'm working on the next two chapters 😉 (I haven't decided at which point exactly I'm going to cut the next one, lol)! So hopefully it will be out in the next couple of days! 🙂
      Oh and I'm so glad you found out about Joanna too 🙂 I only knew her as mmsimmerific and not as Ivane, but she got to make quite the impact in those few months she was writing her story… and man it was a good story!
      Again, thank you so much for your sweet comment! 😄

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      1. I’m sorry you never got to know the wonderful story that was The Chronicles of Clarke, but, if Karri was even HALF as good… Yeah, really amazing writer there!

        The next 2 chapters? Dare I hope that they both come out soon??? Lol don’t mind me, I’ll try keep my impatience to a minimum 😉😉😉

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        1. I’m hoping she’ll do simlit again, as Joanna this time, cause she hasn’t counted it out… I’m sure it will be awesome!
          Yep, hopefully they’ll both come out very soon! I try to post once a week and usually I’m successful at that, lol!


      1. I’m so eager to see how it plays out. What secrets are hiding behind Skye’s eyes… It kinda sucks that Jess ended up being such a playa but, with what he thinks he saw when he was a kid, how Jared was as a youngster, and Jesse’s own nature against him… I think it isn’t really such a surprise…

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        1. Yes, his relationship with his dad is complicated, and what he thought he saw kinda left its scar… although he never felt unloved in his home. I’m feeling kind of bad actually for not having shown Jared and Rose for so long, but I plan on making up for it in future chapters… as for Skye, she’ll soon start talking 😉 And her story is certainly not a pretty one!

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          1. Wow, now I’m sort of dreading it… Not because I don’t want to read it or don’t think it would be brilliant, but because I know I’m going to hate seeing Skye in pain 😟 she’s slowly becoming my favourite sim in the story so far.

            Also, and I should probably have said this in that chapter but I was too busy going to the next one, I never noticed how much Connor and Jared look alike as I did when they were standing at the altar for Jared’s wedding!

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            1. Oh, I dread to write it too because I love her so much… but I must! And there is a surprise character involved too, but I shall refrain from saying more 😉
              Ah, Jared and Connor ❤ They're two of my favorite premades from SV (Jared juuust a tad more)! And they do look alike, you're right! I must admit EA did a fine job with them! 🙂


              1. Yup. We NEED to know her back story!!!!

                They are, although I usually used to gravitate to Cycl0n3 as a Legacy spouse lol he appealed to my geekiness 😂

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      1. Haha, that’s true!! 😀 Caldyl is a great name… too bad Calla isn’t there yet, she’s all about “Calmer” right now? Lol! Hopefully Dylan will get his wish eventually and they’ll break up 😉


        1. It’s weird thinking of Mortimer without Bella lol and yet, in all my Sunset Valley games I’ve played (it was 1 of my favourite towns) they never actually got together… Bella and Ethan Bunch hooked up a number of times and she even ended up with VJ once or twice. But never Mort… weird… I’m wondering whether Calla doesn’t have a suspicion how Dy feels about her and is just in denial lol I mean, really… The guy comes over EVEN WHEN HIS FRIEND IS NOT THERE just to eat your food? How dense do you have to be chiquita!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Mortimer belongs with Bella, in my Sunset Valley game at least… so that’s why Calla is in for a major disappointment soon!
            Hahaha, she just thinks he’s rude or maybe she’s in denial… but not for long I tell you! 😉 😀


            1. Well, denial or not, I hope he leaps at the opportunity to show her he’s not such a doofus when Mort breaks her heart! Then again… If she’s acting so different around Mort, maybe her heart isn’t as involved as she’s led herself to wish.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Hmmm that’a aveeery good point, I’m so glad you caught on it! Maybe Mortimer is perfect on paper, but can he make her feel what she’s supposed to feel with a man? 😉


  12. Okay first things first, ALWAYS take free food. There’s not much better in life than free food. Always a pleasure xD
    Secondly, I loved Skye going off on one. Everything she said was 100% true and the thing is so many guys (and, I’m sure, girls) think they own someone when they like them. Then you get all that “friendzone” bullshit and jealousy and stuff when really none of that had to be an issue.
    I wonder why she’s crying, but it’ll be a good idea for them to go out and make some new memories. Maybe not the one she and Jesse are abotu to make though, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, that’s true! Free food is the best – and someone else cleaning after is even better, lmao!!
      You’re so right about that! It really doesn’t have to be an issue most of the time – but in Jesse’s case it had to be because yeah… romance 😉 ❤
      Oh they'll make some new memories (including those they're about to make, lol)! Hopefully from this point Jesse's going to be more likable in everyone's eyes. My boy's trying! 😀 Skye will share her story soon. She doesn't really want to, but hopefully Jesse will make her open up a bit 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I was soooo mad at Jesse in the beginning. He really didn’t have any right to be jealous or to not believe what Skye said. But by the end he realized his mistake! He’s definitely gaining some maturity here.

    It seems Skye may be using his company as an escape from her own demons. I hope they can come to an understanding about how they want their relationship to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jesse cares too much for her to treat her badly… fortunately he realized that’s exactly what he was doing and how illogical he was being! He’s maturing alright 🙂
      He and Skye will come to an understanding very soon 😉
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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